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Inexpensive and Stylish Nexus S 4G Accessories

Posted by Jeffrey Valenz on May 17, 2011 at 2:10 PM

The Nexus S 4G, a smart phone manufactured by Samsung andofficially released a little over a month ago by Google, is already the mostpopular smart phone besides the iPhone 4 available this holiday season. One ofthe reasons why this device is still so popular is because it will featureGoogle's newest OS, Android 2.3 Gingerbread. No matter what you reason forgetting a Nexus S 4G is if you are reading this article it is because you areinterested. Not only is the Nexus S 4G a great and revolutionary device on itsown, there is also a number of accessories available for it that will enhancethe overall productivity of the device. As you read you will learn of howaccessories offer more than just protection.


First of all, it should be made clear that there is nothingwrong with buying Nexus S 4G accessories strictly for protection of your smartphone. For example, if you are interested in buying something like a Nexus S 4Gscreen protector, there is a very strong chance that at least part of why youbuy it in the first place will be to protect the screen of your smart phone,even if that is not your ultimate goal for the screen protector. Even then thatshould not be the only deciding factor as to why you buy accessories, this iseven true for screen protectors.


You might be wondering at this point what other reasonsthere could be for purchasing a screen protector for the Nexus S 4G besides toprotect the screen. You could also use it in a stylish way, such as to accentyour own personality or personal tastes with the phone. The smart phone itselfis a matte black which is not that interesting on its own, but when youpurchase the right Nexus S 4G case or screen protector, you can add a touchthat is uniquely yours without compromising the structural integrity of yoursmart phone.


Alternatively, even if you aren't that interested in style,you can buy accessories to add functionality to your smart phone. For example,one of the most popular accessories these days is an extra charger. Whether itis a car charger or a spare wall charger, it can come in handy when on theroad.


The average smart phone battery is only designed to last fora day of heavy use, and if you forget to charge your phone overnight, you caneasily find yourself in a sticky situation the next day when you need to headout but don't have a phone at your side. An extra charger can prevent this fromhappening. If you don't like having to deal with spare chargers then maybe aspare battery can help you stay fully charged at all times.


Because it will give you the extra power you need, that ismore than enough of a reason to buy this accessory. In the end, consider themany reasons to buy accessories besides protection.



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